Installing Gleam

Precompiled for Linux or macOS

The easiest way to install Gleam on Linux and Apple macOS is to download a prebuilt version of the compiler from the GitHub release page.

Mac OS X

Using Homebrew

With Homebrew installed run the following:

brew update
brew install gleam

asdf version manager

asdf is a tool for installing and managing multiple version of programming languages at the same time. Install the asdf-gleam plugin to manage Gleam with asdf.

Arch Linux

Gleam is available through the Arch User Repository as package gleam. You can use your prefered helper to install it or clone it for manual build from

Build from source

The compiler is written in the Rust programming language and so if you wish to build Gleam from source you will need to install the Rust compiler.

# Download the Gleam source code git repository
cd /tmp
git clone --branch v0.2.0
cd gleam

# Build the Gleam compiler. This will take some time!
make install

# Verify the compiler is installed
# Prints "gleam $VERSION"
gleam --version