Lists are good for when we want a collection of one type, but sometimes we want to combine multiple values of different types. In this case tuples are a quick and convenient option.

Gleam provides two ways to construct or match on tuples: the #(1, 2, 3) format, introduced in Gleam 0.15.0, and the original tuple(1, 2, 3) format which will be removed in a future version of Gleam.

#(10, "hello") // Type is #(Int, String)
#(1, 4.2, [0]) // Type is #(Int, Float, List(Int))

Once you have a tuple the values contained can be accessed using the .0 accessor syntax.

let my_tuple = #("one", "two")
let first = my_tuple.0   // "one"
let second = my_tuple.1 // "two"