Result(value, error)

pub type Result(value, reason) {

Gleam doesn't have exceptions or null to represent errors in our programs, instead we have the Result type. If a function call fails, wrap the returned value in a Result, either Ok if the function was successful, or Error if it failed.

pub fn lookup(name, phone_book) {
  // ... we found a phone number in the phone book for the given name here

The Error type needs to be given a reason for the failure in order to return, like so:

pub type MyDatabaseError {

pub fn insert(db_row) {
  // ... something went wrong connecting to a database here

In cases where we don't care about the specific error enough to want to create a custom error type, or when the cause of the error is obvious without further detail, the Nil type can be used as the Error reason.

pub fn lookup(name, phone_book) {
  // ... That name wasn't found in the phone book

When we have a Result type returned to us from a function we can pattern match on it using case to determine whether we have an Ok result or an Error result.

The standard library gleam/result module contains helpful functions for working with the Result type, make good use of them!